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Further evidence of the Society's wish to participate fully in the cultural life of Catalonia is the fact that for many years it offered a prize at the Jocs Florals de la Llengua Catalana.

The prize was awarded to the best unpublished translation of a poem or poems from English into Catalan or the best piece of work whose main material was concerned with the cultural or historical connections between Catalonia and Great Britain.

Notable among the prizewinners were Joan Triadú for his translations of Shakespeare's Sonnets, Josep Carner for Oscar Wilde's The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Josep G. Llauradó for a selection of poems by Louis MacNiece, and Eduard Feliu i Marbres for T. S. Eliot's The Wasteland and a selection of poems by W. H. Auden. However in the changing circumstances following 1975, and since for some years the prize had attracted no candidates, it was considered more appropriate that the prize money should be used to support students interested in Catalan Studies.

Fulfilling its commitment to publicize Catalan culture to as wide an audience as possible in Great Britain, in 1977 ...

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Fulfilling its commitment to publicize Catalan culture to as wide an audience as possible in Great Britain, in 1977 the Society took charge of the editing of a special number of Vida Hispánica, a journal published by the Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. The number which was produced as a result of this fruitful co-operation between the Association and the Anglo-Catalan Society ran to over 2000 copies and was wholly given over to Catalan culture. It contained articles introducing readers to the Catalan language and its literature, the history of Anglo-Catalan relations from medieval times to the present day, and the subject of Catalonia within post-war Spain. The issue was well received by the readership and to a large extent achieved its aim of making an influential sector of British Hispanists aware of the Catalan situation and at the same time extending knowledge of the Society's existence beyond the university, into secondary education.

In 1979 the possibility of starting up a publication of its own was discussed by the Society. However, instead of producing a journal or bulletin, it was initally decided to publish a series of monographs on Catalan topics (The Anglo-Catalan Society Occasional Publications). Eleven titles came out in the initial format, printed in Sheffield, all of them reflecting an editorial policy designed to present work which included a certain amount of new research and at the same time offered accessible information about Catalan subjects essentially for English-speaking readers. The high levels of sales achieved by these books, both in the English-speaking world and in the Catalan Countries themselves, are a measure of the success of the series, and the Society plans to continue publishing titles on various aspects of Catalan culture over the coming years.

The series as a whole is dedicated to the memory of one of the historic founder members of the Anglo-Catalan Society, Dr J. M. Batista i Roca, who was also one of the most frequent academic contributors to the annual meetings.

The work of the Anglo-Catalan Society in protecting Catalan culture in Britain and Ireland received public recognition in 1986 with the award of the first Ramon Llull International Prize to the Society as a reward for its efforts; and in 1992 the President of the Generalitat decorated the Society with the Cross of St George (Creu de Sant Jordi).

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