1. Given the popularity and success of recent scholarships, we have decided to continue to divide the Anglo-Catalan Society Scholarship into a limited number of awards to encourage students interested in Catalan culture to attend the Anglo-Catalan Society Conference.

2. Applicants will normally be current or recent students from British or Irish universities who would like to maintain and/or develop knowledge and understanding of Catalan culture, but it is also open to postgraduate students of other universities, provided that they are currently doing research in the field of Catalan Studies.

3. The award will comprise: membership of the Anglo-Catalan Society for one year (until January 2024), and a contribution towards the cost of conference and travel expenses. Payments will be made on production of bills and receipts further to the submission of a report (see point 6).

4. Each applicant should provide the following information: Curriculum Vitae; one academic reference by either a member of their department or by a Catalan lector; a signed declaration to the effect that the applicant will attend the full conference and that s/he will take responsibility for the rest of the funding.

5. Applications should be sent to Sergi Auladell Fauchs (University of St Andrews) (saf4 <at> st-andrews <dot> ac <dot> uk).

6. Successful candidates will be expected to submit a report on the Conference to Sergi Auladell Fauchs (saf4 <at> st-andrews <dot> ac <dot> uk) before 31st December 2022. Bills and receipts should be sent to Pedro Nilsson-Fernàndez by the same date via email (pfernandez <at> ucc <dot> ie). Late submissions will not be accepted.

7. The closing date for applications is Friday 30 July 2022. Late applications will not be considered under any circumstances.